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My Tv(sharp aquos) has inputs: tv-input1-9, im getting cable from a digital tv tuner. Is it possible to have my picture and sound go through my reciever? Right now im using my TV's speakers because the tuners directly hooked up to the tv. Thanks in advance.
So I'm going to use banana plugs going to the receiver, not sure what type I would get for the 1021. Would the proper plug be the open screw type? http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2
much appreciated
I've looked into it a bit and it seems that i can stop interference with wire with sheathing? This is my first time doing this sort of thing so I wasn't sure if i should go with something like pyle PSC12100.
guys can you recommend what wire I should buy. This is my first system thats not htib.
Hey guys i ordered this receiver today and have polk monitor 30s 60s and cs2 center for speakers. This receiver will be fine for the speakers right?
Hello, I have monitor 60s,30s and a cs2 center. Can anyone recommend a decent sub/receiver for what i have?
First I highly appreciate the help and direction you guys provided. Ok im going with the HK AVR 254 and i was looking at the polk 30s/40s as the surrounds ... the term rears would be for a 7.1. The sub, I'd love to build it , but im limited on time and probably will just buy one, but I will look into it deeper. For the subs are there any specs that im looking for to meet a certain requirement, for this system? thnx, hiimnew
Hello, I'm new to the audio world and decided to jump right in and make a custom build vs a HTIB system. I have recently purchased the polk audio M60s and the poker center that goes with it the Polk Audio CS2 Black Center Channel Loudspeaker Single. I want a 7.1 receiver ability, but i wanna just deal with a 5.1 setup... is that possible? What receiver/rear speakers and sub would you recommend. ty, hiimnew
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