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Cool! Looking forward to your thoughts. I've heard good things about the HK receivers but I have never owned one. I'm going to be in the market here soon for a new receiver or processor myself since my Pioneer is starting to give me fits with the HDMI switching.
When you say channel leveling via a program on the receiver, are you referring to MCACC since mine is a Pioneer? If so I did run it, and each time I've made a change, pretty neat hearing the before and after differences in the room.I was considering doing something like this thread http://www.avsforum.com/t/1316623/diy-custom-printed-movie-poster-acoustic-panels-cheap but haven't decided. I do have a bit of a slap echo in the room, maybe a couple small ones on the front...
Thanks! I only ordered enough to do the front three channels. But I was thinking of ordering some of the checkered flag for my surrounds. If I do I'll post here.
The problem I have is to the left of my listening position is the dining area and kitchen. And to my right, the first reflection point is directly on the patio door. Placing a big panel right there is absolutely a no go. I was thinking about doing a few small panels behind the towers, but honestly I'm wondering if acoustics should wait until I have my dedicated room.
Very true Youthman, all the build threads and info here has "enabled" me to get the big screen, upgrade this and that. I think I'm totally screwed when I get my house.
This forum has been instrumental in getting me this far, much to the chagrin of my wife. Craigslist and Ebay have been, and will continue to be my best friend in this journey. I don't foresee any more major purchases for a while though. My wife and I set a very specific time frame and dollar amount to have saved for our first home, and it is crunch time now. "It really never ends though. You say "what else could I add to an apartment setup"? You are in the wrong...
Thanks for the info on the tweeters, I'll look into that asap. The previous owner had misplaced the feet. I have the info from Klipsch to replace them, just hasn't been a high priority yet. The RB-35 only got here on Thursday. The Xbox was just a impulse buy from Walmart on black Friday. I don't think there was anything special about it. But I've been wrong before. @ wkingincharge, the bass shakers are the most popular new feature. Movies, gaming, and even music has been...
Time for another update. I GOT MY KLIPSCH'S!!!! Well at least the front three. And quite a few other items as well. As much as I wanted the new RF-82II's they are just too much for my budget right now. So I started watching craigslist and ebay for a used set and stumbled on these. The L/R are RF-35's in black, the cabinets are in good shape save for the top front corners. It looks like the laminate is wrinkled a touch. Other than that they are fine and sound AMAZING....
I can finally post in this thread! I've been wanting to build a set for a while and decided what the heck. I ordered everything from the usual suspects, save for the plugs. I went with the Nakamichi ones since they were more inline with my budget. PICS!
John frickin' McClane, nuff said! I have loved these films since I was a kid, pc bs and all. The wife is a huge Bruce Willis fan. That being said, dinner and a movie now for Valentines Day!
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