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the Amiga Tomb Raider Guitar Hero
hundreds of hours? Thats pretty impressive. I think I've spent more time updating system software the 3 times then playing games on it. Still waiting for something I don't already have (Pinball arcade and tomb Raider or on steam). lol,
For power cables, I agree with dark. You have miles of powerlines, so no benefit. If you are talking interconnects.... like audio cables, speaker cables, and such, yes cables can help/hinder. Especially cables in the analog domain like plain old stereo RCA cables and speaker cables. (You pay all that money to have _awesome opamps_ and then you pump that pristine sound down a crappy RCA cable deteriorates the signal a bit) But we live in the digital world now so we can...
Audio and video pass on the same HDMI cable, so they generally are synced pretty good. When you bypass the audio out, receivers usually have a feature called "lip sync correct" where you can adjust the lag audio wise. My Motorola cable box remote is capable of turning "everything on". Just hold the power button for 5 secs and it powers all the devices on/off. Also keep in mind, like Smart TVs of the last couple years, receivers have really blossomed too. They have...
My 50 inch plasma keeps my bedroom nice and warm during these artic blasts. Seriously. Thermostat at 65. Room at 73.
Sony didn't have time and resources to release the 10 new BandFuse DLC this week. Supposedly the PSN store is getting revamped this week ?
TR for PS4 is $40 on amazon tonight at 2am.
I believe the controller and ps4 talk/poll eachother 10x-100x faster to reduce latency for 1st person shooter crowd.and overall responsiveness.(the controller is also passing stereo audio in both directions so yes, its the highway that uses lots of juice.)
I'm going to guess the $99 vita was an open-box model. This week is Clearance week at BB for openbox/closeout items.
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