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I would have wanted to take it home!
Before I was talking about HDMI 1.4. This tv should have HDMI 1.4 for things like 3D blu-ray players and interactiveness/signal back and forth.
Does anyone know any advantages to the HDMI 1.3 port?
I don't think it will compare to the new 3d line that is coming. The tv is dedicated to 3d and it's part of the processing. It can render any game, movie, or show in 3d. Plus a samsung 3d bluray player is coming and ps3 announced they will move to 3d compatibility.
Depends on the deal you get for the b8500. I feel the like I am in the same position.
You happen to be incorrect. On the other forum the only people who reported a problem have been long time users. Some long time users have also not taken the poll yet. Remember this is a intermittent problem that may not show up right away. On the contrary Axel, after taking stats you should know better then to estimate with those numbers. I am not saying to NOT buy this tv. I am saying be prepared and contact samsung about what they will do if you experience this problem...
But if you take pictures before you unplug or turn of your tv and contact samsung they might work with you under warranty. Just make sure you buy from an authorized samsung source. Possibly contact samsung before you buy to see what you would have to do if you buy this tv and this problem well "crops" up.... May cost you in shipping.
Excuse me but anyone who has taken statistics in college would tell you your assumption is uneducated and without basis. That number of reports for a intermittent problem is alarming. We have no idea how many people have this or will get this. Especially since this shows up for some people like a month later.
Yea, someone just posted they got the circles with the new firmware (in another forum).
Yea, the problem with this tv has been mainly circles, not lines. Many people have had the circles.
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