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Any reason you didn't go with the dual 4 ohm version so you could run at 2 ohms/channel get a little more power from that amp?
How about a pair of Infinity 1260Ws? Should mate up pretty well to 775W and probably have a slight edge in output on a single 15.
Yeah, DIY speakers can be hard to sell. I've had my ported 15" Eminence 3015LFs and 18sound 18LW2400s on craigslist for less than the cost of just drivers for 3 months and got 1 nibble. Haven't even tried to sell my beatup THTs yet, they're just sitting in a shed. I'll probably end up selling the drivers separately and having a bonfire with all the enclosures
Was the F20 measured at 1 or 2 meters? I didn't see it in my limited search. If measured at 1m, both systems appear to be fairly close since the Dayton was measured at 2m. I'm seeing the F20 does 115db @ 25hz and 115-120db in the upper bass and the Dayton has max long term output at 108.5db @ 25hz and 2m (114.5db at 1m) and 112db in the upper bass (118 at 1m). The SI is a couple db higher than the Dayton also.
Impressive... Thanks Ricci! 4 D4s to an inuke 6000 for 900W a piece and some great bang for the buck. Tempting...
NU6000DSP is also on sale with 15% off. Total comes to $397.94. Heck of a deal. They're not currently in stock but you can still order it.
One thing you want to check is port air velocity. I imagine you would have to have a pretty long port in that size box to keep velocity down.
Should have clarified: I agree that it is not the proper fix... I'm not recommending it, simply stating what I did to fix my problem. I'm fine with that fix in my application as those devices are enclosed in all plastic. I wouldn't do it to something with a metal exterior.
I had to use cheater plugs on my PS3, projector, and laptop power supply to eliminate my hum. Try unplugging everything and 1 by 1 testing each component to see if it introduces a hum.
If you can fit 12"s either up or side firing: 4 Infinity 1260Ws ($57 ea) with an iNuke 3000 ($300 w/o DSP, $400 w/ DSP) or EP4000. That should have pretty good output, especially with their close proximity. Or you could double up with 8 1260Ws and an iNuke6000 for $860. That should fend off the inevitable upgraditis virus for awhile.
New Posts  All Forums: