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Gotcha, that makes a lot of sense. What it boils down to is that directv will always have a softer image than bluray due to its lack of information transmitted.
I couldn't find anything in the manual about it upscaling.
I have a 123" projection screen using the infocus SP8602 projector. As of right now, all video processing is performed through a Pioneer SC27 reciever. Here's my problem...my directv image isn't quite as sharp as my blu ray player, and this makes since as directv only outputs as high as 1080i or 720p with a lot less information being delivered.. But it is very frustrating because at 123", 1080i just doesn't quite look as good. I know I will never have as good as an...
My directv picture looks a lot softer and less sharp than my bluray picture which is obvious of course, but I was curious as to wether or not using component cables to hook it to the sc27 and letting it upconvert the 1080i Dtv signal to 1080p would help or not? Currently my Dtv box is hooked to the sc27 via hdmi and as I understand it, will not upconvert hdmi signals, only analog. But I have 123" projection screen and I am looking for a better directv picture. Will...
Can anyone tell me if the 8602 upconverts directv signal to 1080p? I can't find anything in the manual about it so I'm assuming it doesn't but hopefully someone can clarify this for me. Thanks
Does anyone have a list or know where to find a list of the different waves of enemies in survival? I've found a list that has all four level tiers but it only goes to wave 33. I need something that goes to like 60+.
Played some last night and got my win streak up to a 43 then lost it from a crap game in dome....oh well, part of the game
Lol you don't need to explain yourself to anyone man, no worries. If that's what you do then that's what you do, who cares. I'm just saying that when I stab my teammate, it's because they are blocking my way
This. It makes me laugh to read that because that's exactly what I do when someone doing that is in my way, lol. I jump up and down in front of them and stab at them...
New Posts  All Forums: