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Well, since that combo costs over 3 times more than the Peerless, it must be the best right? JK. I have heard great things about the Chief mount, and considered that one as well. The biggest killer for me was the $ when I was in the market. Don't believe you could go wrong with either one.
I know 1 guy doesn't make a consensus, but I love my Peerless mount. Easy to adjust and lock down. Haven't had any creeping problems over time either. Here is the link to Amazon.Peerless Universal Mount
I can only tell you that my 8000 has performed fantastic for me. I did a basic calibration in REC709 mode with the Disney WOW BD, and couldn't be happier. Haven't seen the Sony so can't compare directly. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with either pj from what I've read. If you have a chance to audition both, pick the one that looks best to YOUR eyes. Reviews are great to use in helping make your decision, but trust your own eyes over anyone else.
Wow! That is looking fantastic!!
Great progress! Keep it up!!
Sucks about the carpet, but riser looks good!
That is just all kinds of awesome!! Love the hidden door!
I would buy the 8000 again in a heartbeat. However, I would buy it from an authorized dealer instead of Amazon. Since Amazon isn't an authorized dealer for this pj, you can't get the rebate (I found this out the hard way). There are 5 authorized dealers according to Panasonic. Projector People, Projector Point, Visual Apex, AGI and B&H. So pick your favorite out of those 5 and you can't go wrong.
Made a couple adjustments for lip sync a couple days ago, and a quick test looked pretty good. Basically turned off frame creation on the 8000 (was Mode 1), and made sure the BDP was passing everything through to the AVR. Will need to throw in one of the problem discs tonight and see if it is truly fixed.
Right there with ya brother. It's all worth it in the end. Well, that's what I hear anyway. I can vouch for "It's all worth it NEAR the end" though...
New Posts  All Forums: