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Oh boy !!! this is going to be good !!
I have been on the fence lately about possibly upgrading my Integra 80.3 to something else already knowing that I would have to spend significantly more to hear any dramatic improvements until hearing of the XMC. The XMC-1 peaked my curiosity for the Dirac offering (smaller datasat unit) but given the different delays I will wait for the unbiased early adopters to review holding on to my Integra for awhile longer or just buck up and spend more on something else that's more...
Ender Game delivered the LFE goodness when it needed too. As a bonus nice to see a newer DTS trailer!!!
Highly anticipated pick up for me!!!
I originally called the phone lines just doing my usual research and eventually emailed with a fairly quick response from Randall. We talked several times via email and phone before and after I made my purchase. As it has been said I feel this product offered one of the biggest improvements to my setup over the last few years so much so that I am getting 2 more for the added seats on a riser.
Thanks for sharing a few pictures of your special day with big Congrats to you both on what I consider one of the greatest things a person can experience during the life journey. Enjoy the Honeymoon!!!!
Just has a chance to like it!!! Looking forward to the new updates on the room and equipment.
I have been having upgradis lately for my dedicated room and maybe looking into (2) FV15HP in glossy if they are available and I think that's it for me. It would be nice to hear what kind of potential 1 or 2 of these offer over my current setup.
I have heard some 3.5 and maybe even 4 stars and I agree 100 percent with how you rationalize and the wheels are turning.I absolutely love the Crowson's for the added impact they offer especially since my setup does not offer the pressure changing feeling you get from ULF but I want more
Maybe sooner than later!!! I have been happy with my current set because of there sound, size and look for a much smaller room but my bigger room does allow for more dual subwooferage as long as they look the part. I am doing some research to see what offerings there are and if its even worth the trouble.This is not going to end good for my wallet lol!!!
New Posts  All Forums: