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I've seen the two channel numbers labeled all kinds of ways. The PBS web site referred to the Broadcast Channel (25) and the Virtual Channel (33.1,33.2,33.3). In my own database I use Channel (25) and Virtual Channel (33.1), but I can't remember where I got that from. I'm sure I've seen them called other things. You use Virtual Channel and RF Channel.Last night both my Charlie Rose timers fired. I saw no interuptions in the 11:55 recording. Whatever's been happening at...
I set my htpc for 11:55pm. The PBS engineer said he'd try and record it tonight. He's in a different location so that should identify whether it's the station or something between me and the tower My PBS is virtual channel 25.
I've been having a problem. I have one Timer that doesn't fire. It's PBS - Charlie Rose. All other timers work ok. Charlie Rose starts at midnight. The PalDVR says "skipped". I tried to record it on my HTPC and I get a zero size file, so it's not the PalDVR. I called the PBS engineer and he was as puzzled as I. Last night I had my HTPC set to record at midnight, but I I changed my PalDVR to start at 12:01am. The PalDVR recorded while my HTPC did not. I'm thinking that...
I have to admit I'm a fan of universal remotes. I have a box full of original remotes that I haven't touched in years.A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Which would you rather have on your coffee table?
How about the Dish Hopper? That device was supposed to be adding tuners for ATSC recording.
> But, you still have to manually enter details for a recording, correct? Yes. You review the shows and dbl-tap any you want to record. That creates a list in the box at the bottom left. You use that list to manually schedule your recordings. My only point is that a stand-alone, robust epg is a useful complement to PSIP.
I use Schedules Direct and the free app Freeguide, on my HTPC. If you incorporate AutoHotKey you can then set keys to move back and forth between live TV and Freeguide. The combination works well as a stand-alone epg.
10. Ability to rename existing recordings, namely ones that only have the cryptic string of numbers from manual recordings while in "Recordings" list, via the remotes green button Actually, this fixes what was a major problem for me. It should allow you to remove ":" from the recording title. If a recording had ":" in the title, then you couldn't copy the file over to a PC since ":" is an invalid character in Windows. At any point in time I would have 6/7 recordings with...
I don't own a 6620 but I have experienced those symptoms on an older TVIX, another recorder, and an HTPC. So I wouldn't suspect your harddrive. The surefire fix, if the recording is important to you, is to remux it in VideoReDo. I always convert it to mpg as well. This has always salvaged any problem recordings for me.
When I was using this unit I had long deletion times. When I stopped using the unit I reformatted the drive to NTFS for use with my HTPC. The long deletion times went away. Are you sure ext2 formatting is not the cause of your long deletions?
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