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Can someone recommend me some settings for general use TV XBOX moves ETC... And quick question been through all 30 pages seems you guys like Brilliant Color Off why is that??
Great so Guys waited in line 3 hours for the store opening Got the Projector! Now first impressions this thing is Bright WAY BRIGHTER than the HD65 anyway! Now though the HD65 took me about 10 Minutes to calibrate to my liking. This however is way to complicated for me Been at it 2 hours still not happy with the picture Could you guys share your setting's please!
Hey sorry Wasn't asking about the Screen but about the projector and if its worth the upgrade or not
any other input?
No i this fixed to the wall
100" would fit just coudln't find one in my budget
this is the screen i currently have the HD65 running off http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/c...p?oid=63064168
Damn! it's a door crahser looks like i'll have to line up early to get it! hope its worth it like you say
really even 10FT away on a 80" Inch screen? The difference will be that big?
The Benq w1000 is on sale at a local retailer for 800, I currently have a HD65 would this be a big jump or should i hold on to my HD65 and wait till next year?
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