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i have the opportunity to pick up the denon 990 brand new for 600 is this a good deal? Vs the 800 i paid for my 1025? Which would you guys pick? thanks i know i've made multiple threads i apologize for this
i'm not in the states i'm in canada but ordering from the states isn't an issue what else is there for 800?
i just paid 800 for a pioneer 1025K, but i can't seem to find info on the 1025K only the 1020K in the forums? Also is this best reciever under 800 dollars? Or did i make a mistake picking this one?
any input?
So i've finally narrowed it down to a choice between these 2 recievers? Pro's/Con's? Which to pick and why?
i'm thinking i may put the 6190 in my second room and use the 1020k as the main receiver? I have the Polk Audio RTIA7 in the front and the RTIA3 in the back with a polk center channel the second room currently has cheap PA speakers soon to be upgraded
im really confused now :s i don't need more than 4HDMI in's but i want this receiver to run for a few years as its not my main one (main one being Yamaha 6190) 920vs1020vs1120 decisions
sorry i just realized that
What's the difference between the 2? Is the price difference worth it? also is it worth the jump from a 920K to 1120K?
i don't think they ship to canada
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