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Well, just picked up my 47LM6700 at Costco for $699! After my costco rewards coupon from our Amex it was $475. Looking forward to getting it installed and running, and hope I don't have big issues with light bleed or motion resolution. Considering the price I paid for the TV, I can live with some downfalls as long as its not too apparent. Just plan on watching the TV and enjoying without being too nitpicky. Fingers crossed!
Thanks. I just went ahead and used MakeMKV and selected just the main title into an MKV. Makes things much easier on myself. Thanks guys!
Ok. Is there any additional configuration i need to do to get LAV to open with MPC-HC? Or if I install LAV it will automatically do the magic?
Hey Guys, So all of my other movies have been MKV, so setting everything up to play in MPC-HC via MediaBrowser was simple to do. I have since decided I want to have some movies without quality loss, so I have my first movie in BDMV file strucutre (MovieFolder and inside that is 2 folders called BDMV and Certificates). In MediaBrowser configurator, I have MPC-HC set to play all media files as an external player but when I go to play the movie in MediaBrowser I get the...
Splashtop is what I use and it is by far the best. However, since you mentioned HTPC use, it does not play well with media center. It actually wont let you control media center and shrinks the resolution when you connect and mediacenter/mediabrowser is open. If that is your main focus, I would look elsehere. Splashtop changes the resolution on the display to match that of the iPad, but reverts back when you close the app.
Hey Guys, So my setup is as follows: MediaBrowser, using MPC-HC as external player. Using MPC-HC codecs, and no external codecs. I am starting to notice my black levels are REALLY high (as in the picture is really dark), and I have not changed my TV settings. This wasn't really an issue before, but I have started noticing it more and more. Recently, I was watching an MKV 1080p rip of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, Part 2 and I could almost barely see anything in...
You can setup MediaBrowser (if you use that front-end in Windows media center) to start automatically with windows. It is in the advanced settings int he configuration tool.
Yes. So I have my main PC, Server, WDTVlive plugged into a D-link DIR655 gigabit router, and one line running fromt he router to the Theather room with a D-link Green 8-port gigabit switch that the HTPC and PS3 are running off of. You think if I buy another 8 port switch and run all the equipment off of that would help? Or should I just move the server downstairs and plug into the switch I already have? Seems to make sense, as it would remove any processing that the router...
I just narrowed it down the network, which it seems is an intermittent problem. I was trying to watch a movie streaming from the server, and it started chopping again so I moved the file to the local machine, and it worked fine. What settings could I be missing in the network to cause this kind of lag? Any recommended network settings?
THanks BigBird. I copied Avatar in 1080p from the server to my machine locally and I was getting consistent 40MB/s transfer speeds. At the same time as that, I was streaming Avatar to watch and it didn't chop once. Nor did any other test file. This is so weird. I Was having problems with Comcast internet earlier in the day, but I figured that wouldn't have an effect on my internal network. If something pops up again I will post back, definitely dont want to have choppy...
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