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Did you also rescan the channel selection after you did the hard reset?You could try an external tuner such as this:http://www.amazon.com/Simple-tv-Network-Lifetime-Premier-Subscription/dp/B00BF2M21C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389618154&sr=8-1&keywords=Simple.TV+STV-1000
I don't think the xbr9 can receive a wireless stream. However, you can connect it with HDMI or DVI + audio, same as if the TV was a computer monitor.
I've had my 707 for 4 years with no problems... knock on wood!It only has 1 inch of clearance from the shelf above it, but I have had 2 of these fans on top the whole time:http://www.buyextras.com/evavcoblfanf.htmlI've also had a 706 for 4+ years w/o any problems.
I have an Onkyo 707 and added an amp recently and found this solution somewhere on this forum. To the best of my recollection a/f:1. add the 'Standby' and 'Zone 2' commands to your Onkyo device.2. in each activity after all devices are on, send a 'Zone 2' command. (sends signal to 12v trigger and turns on amp)3. when leaving an activity or turning all off, send a 'Standby' command. (sends signal to 12v trigger and turns off amp)
I've been using this 1X2 powered HDMI splitter for 3 years. I've been using it for the last 3 months with my Darbee w/o any PQ problems.It does take 10 seconds or so longer when I change inputs for the picture to reappear.AVR > Darbee > HDMI Splitter > > 6' to TV and 35' to Projector.Sewell has other splitters to choose from also.http://sewelldirect.com/Sewell-HDMI-1x2-Splitter-v13b.asp
Have you tried doing a factory reset. I don't recall the button combo for a reset, but it's in the owners manual.
My 7 item f&f order was held for one week because one of the items was on backorder. I guess the orders default to 'ship complete'.My first call to CS on Wednesday was to a less than helpful guy who said the order had no problem. I called again on Thursday and was transferred to Phil in inside sales who changed the order to ship what was available.
Did you try resetting to factory defaults.. pg. 121 of the manual:"To reset the AV receiver to is factory defaults, turn it on and, while holding down the 'VCR/DVR' button, press the 'ON/STANDBY' button. "Clear" will appear on the display and th AV receiver will enter Standby mode.
With unit on: To check firmware version: Press and hold 'Display', then press 'Standby'. 'Main' = your firmware version You can press the 'Tone' - and + buttons to scroll through some other settings. To check internal temperature: Press and hold 'Display', press 'Standby', let go of buttons and press 'Set-up'. This also shows how many hours your unit has operated.
Newegg has the SMP for $20 off with promo code EMCYTZT1735.
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