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Throw your keyboard in the trash or learn how to press the "period" button...
They just said there is no difference between the ZT and VT in black levels but the VT gets brighter..
Look at the red power button on the one on the left. That would mean the 8500 is the one on the right..
55UT50 is $699 at sears. Proceed through the checkout to see the adjusted price. linky
PN60E7000 is priced at $1259 shipped through cost central. link
It's $529 now.
$799 at Fry's linky
Apply promo code EMCXWVV82 linky
Courtesy of Selma from Slickdeals. Link
Would two of these outperform one single HSU or similar sub? My budget is around $750 tops for a sub and I've been reading that two decent subs will outperform one great sub, but not sure if that is really the case. Any advice?
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