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Am I the only one who is suspicious that the monthly fee on the X1 will end up getting raised in a year or two?
CaptainVideo, do you know what the hdmi inputs on the back of the box are for?
What kind on installation was it? Does the X1 work if you still have an SD-DVR in the same house?
I was hoping I could get an opinion on some Comcast internet and phone issues I've been having in 77379. My internet is sporadic at best, where it's on for 2-3 minutes, then off for about 5 or 10, then the cycle repeats. My cable TV signal is fine. My Comcast phone will also occasionally go out. The Comcast phone representative said my cable modem is not getting a consistent signal. FYI, I'm pretty sure the issue is not in my house. I had this issue about 5 months ago,...
I've had my 900 for over 2 years. It's held up very well. My kids have dropped it on the tile floor 2 or 3 times (that I know of). Once the plastic case got out of alignment, but I just snapped it back into place. I even spilled a little bit of drink on it once. Occasionally the time gets reset, but I suspect that may have to do with someone removing the battery. I recommend it.
The DMP-BD80 supports divx playback.
I have the the DMP-BD80. There's no Netflix.
Thanks. I just checked the google support forum, and several people have commented on it already in multiple threads. But no responses from support staff yet. At least it's not just me.
About 2 days ago, I saw an update was available for the YouTube app. After I applied the update, I noticed my Favorites were no longer available on the My Playlists screen, like they used to be. However, I can still access all my other lists (like Watch Later, subscriptions, and other personalized favorites lists). Is anyone else having this problem? Are there any fixes or workarounds? (I can probably create a custom list and add my favorites to that, but it will be a...
Prediction: Russel will be defeated but his fate will be ambiguous. Warlo will show up in a finale cliffhanger.
New Posts  All Forums: