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Get your money back? I agree about 3d, I don't even use it.
Nx810 is an excellent tv. What size screen? The 60" sets get the best reviews.
I think the networks are doing it deliberately.
Most likely the middle of the screen is being affected more by the failing light engine
I have whole house with 2 hd dvr's and 2 hd boxes. Works flawlessly. I have all ciscos, but supposedly with the new software you can now mix Samsung and cisco boxes. On another note new Samsung hd boxes have just arrived, don't have the model # but they are pretty small compared to the other boxes. Also saw the new cisco hd and hd dvr's at the cable convention in Tampa. They are both much smaller than existing models. No upgrade in disc space yet, but I was told 1tb next...
Advance Newhouse owns Bright House. Bright House owns and maintains the cable plant (all of the cable, fiber optic, head ends, equipment, etc). TWC negotiates on behalf of Bright House for programming and provides the Road Runner service. Advance Newhouse contracted Time Warner to maintain the system back in the 90's and early 00's. But Time Warner never owned the system. Advance Newhouse decided they wanted to run the system and created Bright House.
Our system is capable of a 1000. MHz but only utilizes 750. Still a lot of 750 mhz amps out there. As far as the number of sdv freqs I am not completely sure as to the number total. I will research it.
SDV channels will go black after a few hours of no activity. So if you or no one else on your node request that frequency the head end will terminate the broadcast. Changing channels or powering on and off starts the cycle over. That's how bandwidth is saved.
Well then I was given false information. How are you sure about that rate?
NFL Network on standard would make everyone's bill go up about $6.00.
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