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Haha no we'll be ok because remember the SB isn't till 6:30 Sunday night. Plenty of time to post the results. They're done we just have to go over everything and make sure everything is in order. The last thing we want to do is edit after posting it.Thanks Ross we appreciate that. You also hit the nail on the head......it should be fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by oddiodog I have a love/hate relationship with you guys. Hahahaha yah I can understand why. I work more than Ethan though so he has more time to work on the results. Well that and he's a maestro on a computer. This whole week has been work and shootout results for him though. Trust me next time we will wait till the day before we post till we say "we'll be done this weekend or the 24th" or whatever other date we threw...
That quote was referring to the sub Craig had at the gtg, which obviously looked nothing like the sub that Josh received, and is NOT the sub we used in the shootout. It's not posted yet. Ethan is doing almost everything himself, but we should have it posted this weekend.
If it was that kind of stoning we wouldn't get done till NEXT February. Yah I thought about the HP but it would've put it out of the price range by a good bit. The regular amp was more than enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by HuskerOmaha Like I told someone in the CHT thread....your wife should realize it is bikini weather, and post by all of the subs with a glamour shot. Haha she's actually crazy enough to do it. If she doesn't though I always could do a couple poses.
Quote: Originally Posted by oddiodog Cheers Below. Intent recieved. Now forget what I said about the sarcasm. There really is no pressure. go ahead, do it. Hit submit. Oops almost forgot. Insert smiley face. Odog I thought what you wrote was pretty good too just for the record. I didn't take it negatively at all. Though like you mentioned I could understand why some would............ Anywho. WE WILL FINISH THE RESULTS THIS WEEKEND!!!!!...
Sorry for the delay of the results guys. Of course it is NFL playoff time so yes some of our time went there. I hate the steelers though. However, most of the delay is due to spending time with my family and I did want my wife to enjoy some weekends without the entire house shaking too. We posted the 24th because we were supposed to finish on Saturday but I came down with something and I've been sick since last Thursday. Anyway hopefully I'll feel better soon and we can...
Quote: Originally Posted by oddiodog Lol. Does that mean you still don't which one you're keeping? I'm not keeping any of the subs. It'll be awhile till I need a sub for the basement. I'll lose money but at the same time these subs are not small, well maybe by DTS-10 standards, and there's no place to store them while I finish the basement. Though Ethan did suggest I could leave them at his house.
Yes it is. That's THE most important person to keep happy. It's not that hard though she's a great wife. Thanks for the kind words as well. It definitely was something I'd like to do again but not for awhile. It was eating up weekends like crazy. The funny thing is we did so many subs I'm anxious to see the results myself.
I know how you feel. My wife was not exactly thrilled with the whole selling the subs for a loss either. Then I just kindly reminded her how much her "stuff" costs and she quickly forgot about it. Plus I told her I enjoyed doing this as much as she enjoys spending money and she understood. You're right though it takes A LOT of time and energy. You don't realize that till you actually do it. It was worth it though. Ethan and I had a blast and we got to listen to five great...
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