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Bud! What's the latest my friend? Fully recovered?
Meh... Several people have subs in the rear of their room.Two more stacks of LMS-U's in the rear sounds good to me. If anyone could integrate it to make it work, it would be not.
Nick. You're fired from picture taking.
No room for jelly. Anytime you are out my way feel free to give me a shout. I'll have a spot on my carpet right in front of the sub with your name on it...
I'd love to have you guys come check out the 24's!Kinda trying (failing) to take a break from AVS and the hobby for awhile, but if I can work something out, I'll definitely let everyone know.Tell you what... Seeing one of the 24's in person is DRASTICALLY different than what the pictures portray.Check out this video that Gorilla made this past weekend of one of my 24's in action. Don't mind the nasty noises in the video... That was me failing to blow it up with like...
I loved your rear surrounds! Using your restroom was an experience.
Haha... at least you are close enough for me to visit.
Please don't stop Rob. You almost have asoofi convinced... In fact, I'm really hoping to start seeing 212's start popping up in the classifieds... Better yet, anyone that is looking to upgrade from the 212's to the 215's just shoot me a PM. No need to publicize.
New Posts  All Forums: