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This is a new perspective shot I haven't seen yet... With a little work, you have the potential of having one of the most epic baffle walls...ever.
Called it! Congrats Rob!
This might work out if you swing down to DC Friday. I need to talk to Asim to see what his plans are..
BTH,I know I give you a hard time sometimes, but...this is pretty much your second family bro. With your skill set and clearance, you will definitely land on your feet.Honestly, I think your assignment at the "Safe House" has come to an end and you've been promoted to a field agent...Not much time playing with AV gear when you are saving the world behind the scenes.Would that be TheEar?
I think the original gangster of closet IB's was Kryptonite White, but most recently it was beast...
Well, you guys should be meeting each other this weekend....so....I guess I'll be the referee.
How big is your closet?If big enough you could just add a baffle wall to your closet door, could make for infinite possibilities. Throw two of them in that bisch...
Give Ivan Beaver a shout.... I think he's in that area.
I bought that movie last month and I STILL haven't watched it... I need to get on that!
Epic. Only way it could be more epic is if we came surfing in on the party RV....Nah man, what's your work address again... Didn't I have a financial counseling session scheduled with you that day from 11:00am - 4:00pm?
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