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Man, it's really hard to stay focused at work... This weekend is callin my name!
So you are driving, Dave!Smells like an opportunity to get Ben (rush) and Adam (Sibuna) to tag along!!!Andrew, Chop and NathanJ will be staying at my house Thursday night. All my guests get the 5 star treatment, but Reveille in the Haylock household is 0330 hours. SHARP!
I literally started building a thread to call Sanway about offering a warranty...but when i think about it...They are already stealing intellectual property, in what world would they offer a full warranty to rival the likes of other legit manufacturers?
Nah man... I take my high life at room temp!
Ha!D!ck...You got me good...
Dibbs on ANYONE selling their 212's!
Nooooooo... Carp will be crushed!
Yeah, stubbed toes are child's play when you can give yourself a concussion everyday!
I could have swore I've heard Beast mention preference to Natty Light...
thanks for the correction FoLLgoTT. I edited my post above. Truly inspiring work sir!
New Posts  All Forums: