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Hey JayCee One of the stations you'll get by antenna that you never got on cable is our signal on channel 47, WGSR, plus our sister stations in Martinsville and Danville VA on WMDV. Just point your antenna east of the main antenna clusters. If you get WGPX on 16 (or maybe 14 depending on your TV), you should find us on 47. If you like us, tell others, If you don't, tell us. Matt Smith WGSR Reidsville, NC On the AIR, on COMCAST cable, on ROKU and streaming on the...
TCT's local stations gave up carriage on DirecTV in exchange for nation-wide carriage of their national feed. That's why WLXI and WRAY are available on Dish and TWC, but will never bee seen again on DirecTV.
Were there! Matt
Does anyone remember the link to the antenna installer that was mentioned in this forum several months ago. I believe he was in Winston-Salem. Thanks.....Matt
Time-Warner Cable does carry some low-power stations in its NC systems. In Wilmington, WILM-LP is carried system-wide. In Raleigh Metro, WAUG-LP is carried throughout the system, while WARZ-LD and WTNC-LP is carried in at least part of the metro. In Charlotte Metro currently no LPTV stations are on the Time-Warner system, but until recently WGTB-LP was carried on the system. In Eastern NC, WHIG-LP and WNCR-LP are carred on SuddenLink and other cable systems. In...
Folks, I understand an interesting article about local TV will be in the "Local" section of the Greensboro News and Record tomorrow. It may be well worth the read. Matt
After nearly two years without regular programming, WEFC (ex-WDRL) in Danville is back on the air with programming from prospective new owners Jones Broadcasting. It is running at high power from the tower near Smith Mountain Lake. It will be interesting to see where this station goes as its owners develop several broadcast/internet hybrid marketing ideas. Take a look at their website...here. Matt Smith WGSR-TV
Hi NCWild....If you set up your antenna as FoxEng has suggested, let me know if you also receive WGSR on channel 47 from Reidsville. We're low-power, but always interested in where our signal can be received. Good Luck! Matt Smith - WGSR
The wired telco (POTS) service runs by DC current that is refreshed by the CO, which has a battery designed to give a long-life backup to keep the phones working. That being said, emergency conditions typically increase telephone usage to several times the daily norm...therefore battery usage is higher and the backup system gets drained quickly. If you're using wireless phones or cell phones, they depend on your local A/C. When it goes out, your phone goes out. Later ....
Now we're doing extensive coverage on the air and online.... Here's the link for both! Matt Smith Star News/WGSR/WMDV
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