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Hi there, I'm actually in the market for a new lamp myself, mine just went last night at 1500 hours. I checked my bulb and it's the 003 but the casing doesn't have the flapper. What does this flapper actually do exactly? I assume for air flow but does this prolong the life expectancy of the bulb. I hope it can give me well over 1500 hours next time around. Wondering if I should pick up a bulb from Avs. Still looking around for pricing.
Is anybody having a problem with the FM Absolute Top 40 Internet radio station? It keeps playing for a minute then drops connection.Its been like this for about a week. All other stations seem okay. Maybe there's a bug in this receiver with this station. Playing back the station on my PC is fine.
I sent them a file I was having problems with so they can try and replicate the issue. Thought somebody on the forum might of knew something I didn't. Hope they figure this out soonThanks anyways.
I just noticed with newest firmware that my 23.976fps MKV files won't change refresh rate to 24Hz on my Plasma. It displays 29.97Hz on the INFO bar and changes to 60Hz when MKV file is played back, Would somebody please confirm?
Whoops, Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I think this is what I should be referring to in the manual. Rated output — 2 V (at 0 dB playback)Thanks batpig, I appreciate the help.
Has anybody measured what the subwoofer preouts can produce in terms of max Vrms(input sensitivity) when at Reference? I checked the specifications and it states 200mV input Sensitivity. Not sure if that means to reach its max. That seems a little low when playing back a lossless sountrack. I ask because I'm going to be picking up a balanced minidsp and the max input is 2Vrms, so if the preouts produce more than 2Vrms it could introduce clipping at the minidsp input....
I found somebody earlier in the thread who had stated that Windows live essentials needs to be uninstalled. So I tried it and it worked. Still has me baffled as to why this was the problem.Anyway, thanks for your help.
Can somebody please describe the steps they took to get SMB working ? I just can not get past the log in screen. Its quite frustrating. Tried guest account, user account with password but nothing. media sharing is enabled in Windows 7 64bit and SmB in Oppo is on. Thanks.
Jack I just wanted to know if you could notify the technicians to implement SOURCE DIRECT in one of the next firmware's if possible. It would really be appreciated if I had that option to passthrough the video to the Oppo bdp 103 for advanced upscaling. Thanks!
It was coming directly from someone who works for Marantz. He also seemed to think that Can/US pricing would be on par. Will have to wait and see.
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