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"Owners of WALA-TV, WFNA-TV, and WKRG-TV to merge their companies"
"WALA-TV and WFNA-TV broadcast warnings for certain cable TV customers"
"Comcast's Limited Basic cable TV service in Mobile County to be encrypted"
I don't like the idea of WALA-TV producing local newscasts for WFNA-TV ("CW55") on a regular basis since they all ready share some of the same programs and their TV market does not really need any more local TV news programs. I wish they were separate stations instead of conjoined stations and wish they would not share each other's programs. The same goes for WPMI-TV, WEAR-TV, WJTC-TV, and WFGX-TV (all four are members of the Sinclair Broadcast Group).
"Comcast to implement 'Broadcast TV Fee' for customers of their video services"
Here is a link to an article about the channel I mentioned in my previous message: "High-definition cable TV channel becomes accessible through incompatible devices"
I have a question for customers of Comcast Cablevision of Mobile who currently receive their high-definition cable TV programming and have functioning digital transport adapters (from Comcast): Have any of you discovered that high-definition channel 1003 is now accessible through the adapters? If so, did the channel's programming remain on your TV screens for more than one second (the programming can only about one second on my TV set connected to a digital transport...
"The reason WFGX-TV has no digital sub-channel"
"Comcast provides improved SD feed of WFNA-TV's main programming"
"Comcast's contracts with WKRG-TV and other TV stations to expire later this year"
New Posts  All Forums: