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Willow HD is a PPV channel like Fox Soccer Plus.
In terms of G4, both Cablevision and Verizon will be dropping the channel October 1st. I would assume more providers will follow suit, as it is a total waste. TWIT.TV is terrific, and so is Revision3 for video game stuff. Additional additions to FIOS HD this week: Willow HD - 1007 ESPN Deportes HD - 1537 Univision Deportes HD - 1539 TV Japan HD - 1769
http://www.rabbitears.info/search.php?request=network_search&network=GetTV Was this posted already? Apparently Sony is starting another subchannel OTA movie channel, called GetTV, this October 2013. Locally carried (oddly) on Spanish channels WFUT (Newark) 68.3 and WFTY (Smithtown) 67.3.
Hi, I cannot get anything to show up on the RGBHV input. The output works fine. I'm trying a PC at various resolutions (uses a DVI to XVGA adapter/cable) and the Sega Dreamcast at 480p, getting nothing. Is the input broken? I know interlaced signals can't go through there, but everything I've tried is progressive. Is it because I don't think this VP30 has the ABT102D card? Info says signal type unknown.
This is a move to get the 6400 and 6200 series STB out of service. They cannot receive MPEG-4 channel transmission, which Verizon is moving to. All the channels listed will be sent as MPEG-4 not MPEG-2, which saves half your bandwidth and has better quality. Means more HD channels will be added. Already news is 4 new NHL Center Ice.
Yikes I'll avoid that Lenkeng. I do know SCART can be adapted to BNC or RCA, but almost every converter is component only not RGB. Although finding those cables is not very easy. BNC are out there. Most of the cheap converters have component YPbPr only. Here's a good example, the Gefen Pro, it takes component (doesn't help me) and DVI in, also doesn't help me. No RGB that I can see. I mean, SCART and component are not the same thing right? Going from SCART to VGA...
The problem I keep running into is that my "source" is SCART, and next to nothing affordable will use that and actually work. The units I just posted, the older, cheaper DVDO iScan Pro and Ultra, are all under $130 but they only take component not RGB. The cheaper Lenkeng SCART only to HDMI would be okay, but they don't do 4:3 and I doubt my TV can be forced to. Then I look at the high end models, and they always seem to be missing something. No VGA, no analog audio...
Doesn't seem unreasonable, but I just want it to convert VGA from DC, SCART 240p (could be adapted to rca wires), and old composite rca, WITH audio, to HDMI. While keeping the aspect at 4:3. Yet in 2013, no one unit does it other than the Lenkeng LKV391. I found a few on ebay, but they say component and I don't think they take RGB input. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251165994946 http://www.ebay.com/itm/300775402435
I'm in NJ USA. I've only become acquainted with "RGB" recently, as my HDTV is absolutely horrible with old 240p games on composite. I tried SCART to component, and most of the systems don't even produce video on that TV (Sony). I'm not looking for supreme performance, just an upgrade from composite that retains 4:3 scale. If the stupid TV had taken the inputs from the RGB to YUV box, I wouldn't be bothering with all this! I wonder if I should just adapt SCART to RCA,...
Hang on, don't brand me the dumb loud mouthed Yank just yet! I do believe in science! I see the DVDO stuff on ebay used, is sometimes (rarely the VP20/30) < $100, though used is always a risk. Anyway, I didn't realize that the component inputs (RCA style) could take straight RGB, nor that SCART and VGA could be converted to BNC (again we don't use those here). My apologies on that. I don't mind paying $15 or so for VGA to BNC or SCART to RCA (do those exist?). But...
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