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Has anybody had their V10 professionally calibrated yet? If so, is the difference very noticable or just marginally better? It seems like there is a lot of guessing going on in here. I am hopefully waiting for someone to post their calibrated settings soon.
Yes - the 50" has the one sheet of glass design as well as a swivel base which the 54" does not.
I was thinking about the whole drop shipping thing. Does that mean the box is placed inside the residence and the delivery men leave? I ask, because what if there is a cracked screen or other damage...there would be no way of refusing delivery at that point.[/quote] Drop shipping is when the seller ships it directly to you from a distributor or manufacturer warehouse. It never actually travels to their physical store. This should have no impact on the actual delivery.
Yes - I understand that the 500m is just a monitor. I have a Dish network 612 DVR that would be my tuner. Will also hook up a Blu-ray player eventually. I guess I need to know how to get sound from both devices using my 10 year old receiver. Can the TV act as a pass-thru and then send the sound back to my receiver? Thanks.
I don't need OTA although it's a nice backup to have if satellite service happens to be out. The 58V10 is a little more than I want to spend, which is why I'm looking at the 50V10 vs. 500m. These are priced about the same right now.
I am in the same boat here. I was just about ready to buy a 50v10 and then I stumbled upon the 500m. (While doing all my previous research I mistakenly assumed that all Kuros were out of my price range.) Right now I am leaning toward the 500m but I still have some concerns. 1. Does it have an equivalent warranty to the Panasonic? They both look like 1 year but with Pioneer out of the tv business I am a little worried if something happens 4 years out. 2. All...
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