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I received 4 palliser pacificos from stargate on tuesday but unfortunately the center chairs were broken. So I'm waiting on replacements. Little disappointed I havent been notified if the replacements have shipped out yet. Other than that they have been pretty easy to work with.
I ordered some Atlantic Tech speakers from them a couple weeks ago and the transaction went smooth.
Are they safe to buy from? Looks like they changed names a while back and that is usually a red flag. TIA.
What did you decide? I'm looking for a screen for a benq1070 in a 21x20x10 ft light controlled media room.
What on-wall speakers is he recommending?
Looking at 7 speaker Emp e5 setup (floor E55tib, book E5b, center E5c and back E55w) for around 1.7k. Any other recommendations? Sub recommendations?
Need help making a decision on remotes for my new house. Family Room- all components in a closed cabinet under tv - Wired for LAN and Cat 5e to media room TV Panasonic s60 AVR Denon 1913 BluRay Panasonic Directv Genie Patio- unused cat 5e ran to closet in media room TV genie mini in closet in media room speakers connected to Denon 1913 in family room (plan on using phone to control the AVR) Master - unused cat 5e ran to closet in media room TV genie mini in closet in...
Mine arrived this week perfectly fine.
I just built a new home and I did home a home run for cable (upstairs media room) and a separate home run for audio (down stairs living room). I have cat5 & component? run to my media centers what type of remote should I buy rf or ir with repeaters? Any specific brands our models I should be looking at? I'm trying to stay away from a control 4 setup.
What about this Paradigm setup? SA 30 Rears SE center SE Sub Millennia LP LR
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