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That is it, just snip the jumper to Pin 1. Leave a little length so it can be soldered back if needed.
My experience with Onkyo>EP2500's is..... well, YMMV. I never had a problem with output level, but hum and noise varied between AVR's and between households.The good thing about the MP adapters you are getting... you can open up the xlr end of the cable and snip the jumper connecting pin 1 (shield) and pin 3 (signal -), keeping pins 2 and 3 connections intact. Isolating the shield from the audio signal offered less ground loop hum/noise (and more apparent output) than with...
At least with Monoprice the speakon cables are ACTUALLY 12 AWG unlike Pyle and some other brands...... I wish they carried 14 AWG pro speaker cables......
Why don't you start with just a pair of the Tempests, or even the Alphas? I understand your hesitation, it is a big investment. I can't say anything that others haven't said much more eloquently....but I can tell you comparing any of these waveguide pro speakers with B&M speakers (sound-wise) is like comparing apples and oranges. I built a pair of the Karma 12's (NLA), as described in this thread, with the Eminence Delta 12A's (lower in quality than the Delta Pro 12A's...
I use bar grills, but can only find them for drivers up to 15", and they may not offer the protection you are after. My youngest is 23, with no grandkids:
Duly noted. I am probably one of the rarities. 99% of the time I listen near-field, with my ears even with the bottom of the woofers (Karma 12 cabinets about 43" above the floor on pro stands). I do occasionally set them up elsewhere, where other variables come into play, but always on pro stands.
Thanks go to Erich and Matt for the efforts of re-testing to confirm this, and explaining the above/below axis characteristics. Since most of my listening is positioned slightly below axis, I may opt for reverse polarity when I build my pair of CT's.Are the Karma 12's going to be tested as well?Howard
I guess I misinterpreted this part. I don't know where you have negative/shield "jumped", but I would "un-jump" it as close to the source (AVR) as possible to eliminate hum, and run standard balanced cables from there out.
If you get no hum by separating them on the mini input side, leave them separate there and run normal balanced cables all the way to the power amp. I had to do that for all of my consumer ---> pro setups. Cable will end up similar to #17 or #18 on this webpage.
If 4 and 5 are to the right, only use ONE input (or change all switches to my previous recommendations.)
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