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$800 dollars, piece of cake.
PS its on netflix
I hope you're all watching it tonight, RIP Tom Clancy one of the best novels and movies ever made. Dos vedanya Tovarisch
Thats why I say don't buy the disc in the first place, streaming and redbox is your friend.
Huh, never thought of that technique. So this is a way to have a "movie jukebox" and still be legal, I think the law is the same in the US.
I'd be happy with just one, my blu-ray drive just died.
People should save themselves the trouble and legal issues buy streaming everything instead of buying and storing movies.
Cool picture, you show the heat sink and the cat thats going to plug up the heat sink.
It does really depend on the country, lots of countries have zero respect for US intellectual property.
Why are you switching, the A8 can do everything?
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