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Why not make it smart, I'm sure there would be a demand for roku like streaming capabilities. Not everyone has a smart TV, so a model for say an extra $50 I'm sure would grab some sales. The market is headed away from physical media and broadcast TV so eventually a system like this could reduce your component count to one.
I use classic shell, its pretty cool in that you can have both the start bar and start screen functional at the same time. I'm happy with 8 so long as programs don't launch into metro, but its easy to avoid programs that do. Start screen and desktop programs are perfectly acceptable.
Yup, thanks to netbooks and now tablets MS stopped the trend of making each new version of windows a bigger resource hog. Nice trend for sure.
Yup, once in a while we get someone in here wanting to spend as much money as possible on high end equipment. If you are going to do it I think for a HTPC a case is not a bad place to dump the cash, it makes more sense than a core i7 or anything like that. cool build
I would think so trinity devotes a lot more transistors to graphics than ivy bridge right, so you would assume more power consumption at load.
Trinity was a whole new architecture, I think this is just an update.
I think WMC phones home to microsoft, WMC is a good simple to use DVR.
Yup, these devices are almost always better when hacked.
But android gives you access to a huge app market, why wouldn't you want it? It basically almost turns a set top box into a full blown computer.
But I though IVB can't actually send a 4k signal out.
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