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Purchased the tv, brought it home, & ran slides for a 100 hours. Once slides were finished, I plugged in D-Nice's setting. I then broke out my Eye One Pro & Eye One Display & with Calman took measurements to see how well D-Nice's settings reference. The delta e was under 5 & I was pretty impressed, but said lets dial it in better. So I calibrated my set & got it where I liked. I then watched The Dark Knight & was very happy with the results. The next day, LSU Baseball (SEC...
Agree, but not SVS tall Unless they maintain the Impression Red Burl finish
Rock star Status!
I notices that he turned the HDMI Content Type to ***All Off***, I think that was the edit.
She was probably thinking jokes on you. I don't see Panasonic pushing out TV's much longer. We'll see though. After my experience with burn-in on this set, this will be last Panny set too. Disappointing considering the potential.
Try these http://www.soundandvision.com/content/panasonic-viera-tc-p60st60-3d-plasma-hdtv-settings
Yes they will
If you have a four year old daugther it's not worth getting, well unless you don't mind hearing "Let it go" sung over & over & over & over.
Several things can cause dithering below 16. 1. Brightness is set too high- can be fixed with a known good source & the pattern that you are using. 2. On a Samsung I had, a contrast to gamma relation would create dithering. Once I set my contrast so high, I would have to back down on my gamma setting. 3. Green(maybe even red) is hot in the lower WB end.
Nope. I was quoted $1000, just for the screen. Sorry to hear it.
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