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Gene it was never finished. Murrel
jkagsl, Sorry it seems your post has been ignored. Did you end up performing the cap fix? Its not that it will not work on the V1 amps.....V1 amps had some other issues in the output board that caused a hum. Post 2513 is where you can download the instructions. order the parts from Parts Express. Find a local TV shop to do the work. Just remember....lots of great subs out there in the 500USD range and most come with a warranty and some peace of mind! Good...
I agree with sandbaggers and nicks hitachi. No need to bother with those big caps Good luck!
.1uf 50 volt ceramic disk available at radio shack
Just replace the output transistors and you should be fine. I have seen it happen on new amps but not on any that I had burnt In.Murrel
Post 2361
Good luck Ginovino! And please remember have a bit of fun hell it is just a subwoofer! And thank you for the kind words! Murrel
Ginovino just go to this post. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1250559/new-mfw-15-amps-may-2010-pics/2160. It's what you are looking for.
Post 2361 a couple of pages back you will find the PDFMurrel
Thank you Shift!You are spot on!Murrel
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