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Thanks for the response. I have Comcast's 12 meg package so I have to spend $60ish extra per month. Add that on top of Dish or DTV which I had before and it get's pricey. I wouldn't mine Comcrap . Since you have their mid range package can you get all their channels including premiums through your HTPC for the price of the Medium package? If so that's cool and I might switch once I am done with this 2 yr deal.
Hrmmm maybe I won't look into this now then.... I am finally working my way through your paid guides after how many months and there great bro!
Thanks I would most likely have to have my dish box hooked directly to my HTPC then right?
I still have yet to instal a few things from the guide and the past 2 days I been looking over my paid subscription and I am wondering if you can watch live tv in WMC if you have satalite? How many shows can you record at once through WMC? I can only do 2 through Dish and some times that interfears if I want to record or watch something else while the 2 are being recorded. Also can I get international channels for free through WMC? My Wife is Vietnamese and she misses...
Uninstalled LAV and reinstalled the newest version. Then checked all the boxes except
It looks like I just have LAV decoders installed. Should I unistall and install Shark? Under LAV Audio Decoders I have the following. Audio Settings tab: Dynamic rang Compression... Box not checked, but level is 100% Bitstreaming (S/PDIF,HDMI) formats: (unchecked) DD (AC-3) (unchecked) DD Plus (E-AC3) (unchecked) Dolby TrueHD (unchecked) DTS ^^^That might be my problem right there. (unchecked and greyed out) DTS+HD (unchecked and greyed out) Use DTS+HD...
When I click display on my Onkyo it says the following Input: PCM----48kHz----2.0ch Output: Dolby PLII----Movie----5.2ch I right clicked on the speaker in my windows bar (bottom right) and it seems it automatically detected my Onkyo when I hooked it up. It's set at default. Judd
I am shocked I never used your codecs. My HTPC build comes from Assassin's paying guide and thread on here. I just went back through his software lists and it has your pack listed. Perhaps he just added it and I missed it? Not sure, but I am going to check once I get home. To get the best sound I do want to bitstream from the HTPC to my rcvr though correct? As mentioned I am connected via HDMI to the rcvr.
When I was trying to get my HTPC to play over the PS3 I was going insane with CODEC's. So much that I just gave up... My main issue there though was the movie playback glitching like crazy. BTW just thought about this. When I first set up my HTPC I had it hooked directly to my Samsung plasma until I got my collection burnt. I just recently put it downstairs and hooked it up to my Onkyo and other devices. Maybe I do need to check software. Perhaps it is not configured...
I will check when I get home. I didn't even think about that. When I play or played BD I would just use the PS3. ...and with saying that I realized I had a blonde moment. It has nothing to do with the HTPC. Maybe I should try the discs in the HTPC -duh! Good thing the coffee is brewing
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