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In not a big fan of Bose but for the average person it works. I'm trying to help my mother in law pick out something for her husbands office. He loves music and has lots of cd's and an iPod. She asked me about the Bose radio and I said there's other things oh there im sure that are better for the price. Plus you have to spend extra for the CD player? Screw that I was thinking something from Polk or Cambridge. Anyone have any opinions? I never looked for one so I have to...
So zzz. It's not going to be the same. You think EP 1 was corny wait till Disney remakes these...
Well right now I am looking for something in my living room where I have my Theater set up. Just wondering if there's an advatage to the 5400 PM - looks aside and besides the extra outlets and multiple power banks.
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I'm seeing the Panamax 4300-pm for around $200 new and although I love the 5400-pm I can't afford it right now. Is the 4300 a good bang for the buck or should I save up some more for the 5400? Is the 4300 better suited for a bedroom (TV, Blu-ray)? Below is the list of equipment I currently have. Let me know what you all think. I do sure like the display on the 5400 but there around $600 new from what I can see. Thanks Emotiva UMC-1 (eventually going back to a...
So who was the real owner of eD, MATT?
madaell [/quote]Your're telling me it's strange. I've had completely blown apart fuses, like in pieces blown apart, amps that just kept switching off and on and two DOA. So no it's not me. I barely use the pos and I've had cheap subs that lasted for years without one hiccup. It's the amps for sure. Oh yah and no it's not ported. I'm sure you're right and *something* is loose. I just gotta take it and try to find what it is. Caps creep me out though.[/quote] Not sure...
I currently have a i3-2100K processor and was wondering if the i5-3570K would be better in terms of Video quality. I would think not, but since it's fairly cheap right now I thought I'd ask. Thanks Judd
My Projector is no longer functionable. I could sure use this Judd
I haven't visited this thread in a long long time and it looks like eD keeps getting worse reviews. I guess this is why my A2-300 and A7s-450 never sold. It looks like theirs some people here from Philly and Jerz. I thought I was the only one in the Tri-State area that has owned their products.
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