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VERY true! I too stream a lot. I been using HBO GO heavily. I still use NETFLIX, just not as much any more. I just looked over my HTPC and there is infact 43 titles I could remove now! Maybe I should instead of just purchasing more TB's. There's also about 15 on there that I have yet to watch.Maybe 7 TB's is enough...
I'm the type that still hasn't allowed myself to delete movies from my hard drives. Even if it's a bad movie I keep it. Just like movies I know I will only ever watch maybe one more time if I'm lucky. I say there's at least 25 movies I could delete. I guess there's some thing about turning on WMC and seeing all those titles there. Maybe I just need counseling??? Haha. I do have two children and about 40% of the movies I have are Disney, Pixar, etc....Are there others like...
NOT overkill IMO. I went with the best I could get at the time and what Assassin recommended. After only a few short months I filled up 4 TB's and had to source more. You'll be ok with 12TB's for a little bit
I was under my DISH account adding a few things and seen they had a OTA module. Not sure if it's new or something they had for awhile, but I was wondering if I purchase it, if I would be able to watch and record TV through my HTPC? I know while following the guides a few months ago it looked like Cable subscribers could do so, but it didn't seem like DISH or DTV customers could quite do so. If I can do it, is there anything else I should know as far as software and...
i think thats a question for the Audy pro's
The level settings are dictated by the calibration system and relfect what was needed to be added or taken away from that particular speaker to be equal with the rest at REF from your listening position, if that makes sense? Others feel free to correct me if I am wrong on that.I know what you mean about getting different settings when re-running the calibration software. I am not 100% sure as to why it does this. I'd imagine it's partially due to any changes in the way...
thanks for explaining that. you dumbed it down for me also thanks for the link. it will come in handy if i need it
dumbasbell you really only want to mess with the crossover settings if you can help it yea Emo never meets deadlines thats for sure. there amps are god tho ;0) not sure why it bothers me so much, but Onkyo should've includec the program for each sub. might be the biggest hang up peoplehave withthe 818. its pretty damn perfect other wise for the price
...or just get a SMS-1 which then puts me more in the $1500 range
eh that means I will be stuck with this UMC crap for awhile haha
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