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My Samsung three F4 2TB hard drives are just about filled up. I got space for maybe 4 more Blu rays. Looking to purchase 2 more. Are these still the way to go? I see the price went up to $119.99. I paid $79.99 in September 2011 on Newegg. Hopefully if there still the way to go Newegg will have a sale soon. Thanks, Judd
I do believe my blacks are a tad darker with the UMC, but that could be placebo This things going on CL and I'm getting the 818
Yep. Something about pretty blue lights matching my amp (which there a shade off), not needing an on board amp and thinking I was getting a better unit. I miss my Onkyo. I am about to take it out of my brothers house.
Any Jamo's that are comparible to the B&W CM9's (mains) / CM'5 (surrounds) or the RF 7ii line? Looking for life-like sound while playing movies and crisp detail with good transition between the highs and mids when listening to music. 60% Movies 40% Music The Jamo E and S line served me well for years, but looking for more and a set of speakers that can handle my amp; XPA -5
I am looking to upgrade my speakers and would love to go to the RF 7ii line, but I can't afford almost $6K right now for a complete setup. I tried to go the "cheaper" BIC Acoustech PL-89, PL-28, etc route so 2 months ago I purchased their PL-28 center first, but after only 2 months the terminals melted while watching a movie and sent my EMO XPA into protection mode. After checking it out it appears to be the crossover that was at fault. My brother has the complete PL line...
I sadly sold my TX NR807 to my brother and got a UMC-1 not to long ago. I miss the 807 and I'm a Onkyo man. XT32 is something I've always wanted. Although I don't need the on board amps (which I didn't use on the 807) since I have Emotiva Amps, but the 818 seems to be a better deal then spending so much on a SC5508. Should I sell the UMC -1 and get the 818 or wait a bit.
^10 more wpc
This is one of the coolest HT's I've seen
I sold my TX-NR807 to my Brother in favor of a EMO UMC-1 just a few short months ago and boy did I make a big mistake. I really don't care for the UMC-1 and am looking to go back to Onkyo. I was looking at their SC 5508 since I do not need onboard amps, but I don't want to spend the money. XT32 is something I wanted since it was released. Should I sell the UMC-1 and get the Onkyo TX-NR818 or should I wait a little?
Did you put a backing on the tables to hide cables/wires?
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