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Did you re-paint them or were you able to find them in black?
I was actually going to get a 7005, but it doesn't have XT32... I really like how the new Audy can tune two subs
I really like this set up. Did you purchase extra tables in order to have at top and bottom?
So for a very long time I wanted the EMO UMC-1 since I was running their amps, but my Onkyo TX-NR807 was serving me quite well. Once the release of the XMC was announced I was able to obtain a brand new in box UMC so I decided to grab it and sell my Onkyo to my brother. I'm not 100% dissapointed with doing this, but the "WOW" factor hasn't been there and I've been using it hardcore for the past 3 months in my HT. I'm sure the sounds are clearer and cleaner, but I just...
Thanks a lot! I downloaded the .exe program and all works well. I have Malware... , but never herd of the other two programs. I will check them out as well.Judd
I think it can't find all my movies b/c the drives are "hidden" according to MCM. I did (I think) Un Hide the folders or so I think I did. I know a lot of "hiding" was caused by w/e virus I got.
So recently I had a bad virus which shut down me from having access to files on my HTPC. I'm guessing I got it b/c I been using my HTPC to surf the net since my laptop failed and I had no Anti-Virus software installed. So anyhow after getting ride of it and finally being able to see my desktop I wanted to watch a movie. Yesterday I ripped Chronicals and The Grey with MKV. Today I started MB and it looks like everything completely changed. The only two movies I'm seeing are...
I have purchased almost nothing but Samsungs since 2005. I currently have a 2008 Model 32" LCD in my kids room, a 2009 50" series 5 in my bedroom and a 2010 51" in another bedroom. During a recent Black Friday sale I was going to purchase the 60" D8000, but the Sharp 70" was priced way to good to pass up. With that being said I've never had one issue with Samsung. Maybe I just got lucky. I read an article a few years back that supposedly Samsung stole tech from Sharp and...
I wonder if you talked to the owner. My Brother said the owner was a female
Maybe my brother will post pictures. He had to open them up and change the cross overs since they fried after only a few days. He elected not to go with BIC cross overs b/c how cheap they were. He also told me the in side is cheap, especially in comparison to Klipsch. He said his cross overs were glued to the side wall if I remember correctly. It seems he has had a lot of issues with them which worries me. I have one of their centers. He did say after the cross over...
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