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Local pick-up $875 Shipping $300 or you arrange shipping.
$90 local pick-up plus $40 shipping to most places.
All work well. You can buy any number you want. Grills have dents, but they can be straightened. Enclosure have scratches and scuffs. Drivers look good. Comes with the brackets in the pictures. Two out of the 7 have transformer voltage selectors on the back. 7.5 volts through 100 volts and bypass or "x". These will be $600 shipped or so in the US. $500 is the local pick-up price. Only two are pictures, but all look more or less the same. If you want more than two or...
(1) JBL 2202H woofers speakers midrange mid range - dent in the cone -
These work perfectly. These are passive versions. They came out of a gym where they were used at low volume. $350 local pick-up in Nashua, NH or $450 shipped in conUS.
$500 local pick-up in Nashua, NH $650 shipped conUS Work fine, except the red woofer buzzes a little when you listen to techno or something with heavy bass. You don't notice it unless you put your ear right up to it. I mean 2 inches away or so. This is due to the surround not being glued fully to the cone from about 7 to 11 O'clock. It's a really easy fix, but I don't want to do it. I've done it on JBL's before. It's really easy. You dilute PVA glue with water and let it...
$250 local pickup in Nashua, NH. $360 shipping included. Works well. Bass sounds tight and solid. Good to great condition. Only thing to note is a small hole in the corner of the bottom of the grill (see pic). It's a very small hole.
Sound great. No problems.
Work well. Tight bass. Pronounced highs. Great imaging. Kef is really onto something with their coaxial drivers. Four of the feet are homemade. I have original boxes. Shipping is roughly $100 east coast and $150 west coast or inbetween.
$200 local pick-up $275 shipped. I only have 3 left. One has a blown tweeter. I have similar tweeters (2) as replacements. All work, except the one all the way on the left has a blown tweeter. Cost $450 a piece when new. Grills are painted brown. http://www.soundadvice.com/Monitor-Audio-Silver-CP-In-Wall-Speaker-CPW-RS-Priced-Each-P1378.aspx
New Posts  All Forums: