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@pamajestic : thanks. I was afraid Baltimore would be out-of-reach. I imagine you pick themup just fine out in Gettysburg. It is worth pointing out that when I originally did my channel scans, I could pick them up, even with the antenna pointing WNW. Signal levels were really low, 10-20% measured on TV with no splits. It's good to know about the VHF low/high combiner to keep the FM and VHF TV separate. I suppose getting a standalone VHF antenna also makes sense, over a...
Yes, I do see it's the same price point as the 1610. It's just a shame that those extra connections are dropped over time. Pretty soon, receivers will just have a bunch of HDMI ports on the back. I am surprised that they changed to spring-loaded speaker connectors. Do the standard banana-plug/screw down connectors really cost that much more? edit: Actually, the X1000 looks like a much better product for only $50 higher MSRP. edit #2: Although, real-world prices are...
Back again for some advice. 27 seems to have gotten a little worse lately, getting a bit spotty even in clear weather. All of the other locals (8, 15, 21, 33, 43, 49) are fine. I'm thinking about upgrading my whole attic system. Currently, I have a 4-bay clothes-hanger antenna using larger bowties (10") to try to improve upper VHF reception. No reflector, hooked up to an old 10dB Radio Shack amp after about 40' of cable, then another 30-40' of cable straight to one TV....
Spring-loaded speaker connectors, lack of component video in/out, no surr-back pre-out...is it really the successor to the 1610?
Antennas don't go bad, but connections do come lose, and wires do deteriorate, especially when left out in the weather. Leaves would cause an issue too, but then you'd notice reception improving in the winter (assuming deciduous trees).
Are you viewing through the Netflix webpage, or through the Windows 8 app? The webpage doesn't do HD, at least not the last time I used it. The Windows 8 app is able to do 1080p and 5.1 audio. You may want to post this thread in the HTPC area of the forums.
I ended up building the "mclapp 4 bay" design with some steel hangers and putting it in the attic. After playing with the aim for a bit, I'm getting all channels reliability except for WHTM. It's there, but it's just not consistently strong enough to tune in. I am going to add a reflector and see if it helps.
A 1080p TV screen has 1920x1080, or 2,073,600 pixels. It doesn't matter how big the screen is. Bigger screens have bigger pixels and/or more space between pixels. If the screen had more than 2,073,600 pixels, it would be higher resolution than 1080p, such as the new 4k screens coming out. I don't have a webpage for you to print out. It's just simple math.
Just wanted to bump up this thread. Comcast will be encrypting the full basic lineup on October 23rd. Not wanting to buy a CableCard tuner for my HTPC, I'll be dropping TV service altogether and putting up an antenna. Based on my previous results (see post 918), an attic antenna should pick up everything. Have people here had success with the DIY coat hanger antenna? Could I use a splitter in reverse to join together two antennas? Will a UHF antenna do anything for FM...
Going to try this when I get home tonight.
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