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I don't think either company is too worried. PS4 sold 7 million, xb1 sold 5 million. Nothing to sneeze at.
People like to bash on publishers setting deadlines and being evil and all, and a lot of it is justified. But, this tends to happen a lot when a group of people who just want to make what they think will be good are left to their own devices. Works the same way with other software development. If you don't have a hard ass somewhere at the top whether it is a client or a boss, things would never get finished.
It's only up to a certain amount for my state, but yeah, I always report it.
I purchased the game yesterday on ps4. Played for about 2 hours total with half of that being remote play through the vita. Worked great with remote play. Only negative so far is I wasn't able to connect to the Ubisoft servers for some reason, so I couldn't see leaderboards or anything.
Trials fusion out today!
Yep, a lot of those animations bring back a lot of memories.Have they fixed collision detection between base runners and fielders yet? Seems like they made finally made it last year where they wouldn't just run through each other, but was still really awkward.
Haven't read the books. I'm good with character development, just not the way it was done in this episode. There really wasn't much development at all other than with Arya. They spent too little time with each character to have any significant character development. @Hooked, I was one of the few that loved the WD episodes that spent a whole episode with a couple of characters. Didn't think they should have been cut down at all.
I guess I meant nothing really happened to move the plot forward. There was minimal character development because of the short time they spent with each character.
I know that this was the season opener and they are just setting up the rest of the season, but episodes like this make me have a hard time keeping interest in GoT. I like the show, but when they spend the whole episode and nothing at all happens, it's a little frustrating. They introduced two new characters, then showed Dog and Arya still in the forest, Sansa still being pitiful, Khaleesi (sp) still in the desert and Joffrey still being a douche. Nothing at all...
Go back and pause it on the close ups of the stands. Those kids are really creepy looking.Can't wait for the ps4 version to come out!
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