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I would say that your amp is actually a step up from your speakers. You don't need a lot of power for those BIC's. That amp will definitely give you all they've got.
You can measure some differences, but they are so far outside the realm of human perception that there is not a chance the differences are audible.
I've listened to plenty of high priced interconnects. Zero difference. Don't waste your time or money.
When you turn a speaker on its side that has multiple woofers you get comb filtering issues.
I'm sure those little ones and zeros in digital audio are hugely influenced by the quality of their power signal.
Doubtful. Horizontal centers are a compromise and I don't think DSL is in the business of doing anything that would compromise the sound.
Ah yes, I'm sure power cords make a difference. The electricity running all the way from the source to your house, through your fuse box and then out of it via either 12 or 14 ga romex to your plug. And then into your magical power cord and the skies open up! Hallelujah! The music is heaven! That last 3 feet of power cord totally transformed my system! Do you really think we're that gullible?
Gee, another Bose lover troll with a total of one post.
Utter nonsense.
For budget and sound, get Monoprice. For wasting money, Audioquest no doubt.
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