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Uverse is connected to the SR605 via HDMI. So are you saying to add the component cables anyways and then plug in the headphones to the right connection? Would the HDMI "override" the component cables as the primary input/output? Also, I have a PS3 connected via HDMI to the receiver. Will I have to change which output the headphones goes into every time if I wanted to listen to the PS3 instead of Uverse?
The cables are red and black. I haven't seen this combo before but does that change anything? *edit* Tried the "Tape Out" connection and didn't hear anything.
Hey guys, I am having some trouble with my Sennheiser RS 110 wireless headphones and my Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver. Before I got my receiver I just used my TV speakers and plugged the headphones into the back of the TV. But I have no idea where to plug them now that I have a receiver. I have plugged the two wires into almost every open spot in the back of the receiver and have never even heard any static when I try and tune the headphones. The TV and receiver are...
I just got ATT's Uverse and was wondering if I can program the remote to my Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver. I have tried a few codes such as 0792 and 0503. All I am looking to to is control the volume and turn the receiver on and off. Right now the remote volume control is linked to the TV, which doesn't put out any sound. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help. -OrangeTomatoe
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