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It not the fault of the Blu ray format or OPPO, it is the movie studios that keep changing their copy right protection every year to prevent theft. The only thing I can say is it is the two biggest Blu ray supporters during the format war that do this, FOX and DISNEY. Even if HD DVD would have won we would have the same problem.
Since Windows Media Center and Tivo use Tribune Media Services for guide listings here is a link to get your channel line up updated. http://www.zap2it.com/services/site/...9403.htmlstory I did this with my Media Center guide and they had it updated in a few days. I sent them a link to my cable companys channel list from their website. I also notice you can link the Zap2it listings on the website to your tivo. There is a "Link to Tivo" on the top right hand side of...
If you haven't heard already Ceton announced it will be releasing a 6 tuner whole house DVR system with extenders. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1386489 I also have to tell you that TVGOS is now considered a legacy product by ROVI as they have moved onto a new guide system called Total Guide. It will be embedded in new televisions this year and also they have the same equivelant for cable set top boxes. The new guide does not use inserters and is...
Sorry for the long delay as I am in the middle of a home improvemnet project. I did retest JP2 and JP3 at the times mentioned and I did not hear any unusual sounds. I did both bitstreaming and LPCM over HDMI for the test. I have the JP trilogy set and the bar code is: 025192089961 For the record I have an Onkyo TX SR 606 receiver that is set up using audyssey.
I just watched Transformers: DOTM last night and the 7.1 True HD audio works fine when bitstreaming and LPCM over HDMI. I also don't have Megamind to test.
I played both the Lost World and JP 3 using LPCM over HDMI and there was no problem with the audio. If anybody is having problems, post the point in the movie were the problem is and I will check my copies. I also hooked up my Pioneer 320 to my receiver and played all 3 Jurrasic Park movies using LPCM and had no problem. My OPPO makes my front speakers pop during heavy bass using LPCM on JP 1.
You have to contact Rovi and ask them to add it to your channel editor.CE_customer_support@rovicorp.com Give them you name, address, zip code, cable company name, and that your using a cablecard. Just put Request to add channels in th etitle of your email. If you are missing any other channels put them in thelist also. It may take a while so be prepared to wait.
Sorry for the delay, I have the 83. The LPCM audio played fine on The Lost World and JP 3. The 7.1 LPCM audio is complete on JP 1 except there is a popping noise in the two front speakers when the bass gets to a certain level. It kinda like a mini DTS bomb. I didn't listen to much to the LPCM audio on JP 1 as I feared it would damage my speakers.
Just a follow up I hooked up my Pioneer 320 and tried JP 1 using LPCM over HDMI and there was no problem. I even tried bitstreaming for comparison and there was no change in the audio quality. In fact there is no difference in the sound between the two different players. I tried bitstreaming and LPCM over HDMI on both players, using the same volume level on my receiver, and the was no difference in the sound. There is no loss of sound using LPCM on the OPPO when the...
I do own Jurassic Park trilogy and I don't have the crackle clipping problem you describe. My audio works fine when bitstreaming through HDMI to my reciever. I did try LPCM last night and I noticed at the very beginning of the movie that my left and right front speakers vibrate on the first and third heavy bass notes. It seems that some bass signal is being sent to the two front speakers when the bass gets very heavy. I then watched JP 3 with LPCM and didn't have any...
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