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Amazon is one of the few online retailer where return of TVs is easy. Just call them & explain the problem. Either you can return or they will send free replacement and pick up the old. I had to do it for my 55" Toshiba TV and it went very well.
Don't throw your money away! If you donate it to Charity, You can get a Tax deduction at least!! Seriously, you may turn out to be lucky, but the chance is like 1 in a .......
Obviously a fraud If something is too good to believe than it is NOT! Contact is GMAIL !! Someone from Milwaukee, WI can check if there is an address actually and is it an empty lot or an abandoned home or .......??? Viable Solutions, LLC 425 E Menomonee St Milwaukee, WI 53202 United States Email: solutionsviable@gmail.com Tel: +1 505-913-7280
I do have EPP account. But I see $1219.99 Did you actually add to cart?
Too bad Harvey it didn't work out for you! I still love my 55L6200 for its PQ. I sit at the normal 10 feet away and I don't see the problems you saw. Good for me. Like I said before , I wish Toshiba would do FLASH support. How can you call it SMART TV and not even have this
Thanks. I don't care much for the audio. Probably one of the very few ....... Sorry. But I care a lot about video PQ. We watch a lot of SD channells out of our DISH (international). With the two new tvs, the PQ has improved but I am looking still for one that would do 1080P on the SD (Dish reciever does only 1080i). I do have a DVDO hooked up to a 3 year old SHarp LED TVInstead of going again with DVDO, can anyone recommend something? Even if I get Onkyo 809, i would only...
Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I guess then I will go with Onkyo TX-NR1009. Even though it uses the HQV chip, how to know what is implemented in this particular reciever. I asked the Question in the Audio section & obviously most of them even set VP off:) Anyone here recommend a particular model (Obviously around $800) ? Thanks !
Compared to the Onkyo 515 (which uses QDEO processor) about the same cost (or even less) how good this does converting a. 480p to 1080P b. 1080i to 1080P Also how does it do compared to the Onkyo 809 (which uses HQV-VIDA up to 1080P) Anyone please.
I completely agree with this. That is why they say "Proof of Pudding is in eating" (Meaning if it doesn't taste good then all the looks are waste!! ) Also different people view things differently. That is why there are so many options out there! Select something with a good rating by an expert (and not be nitpicky) and then allow your EYES & EARS to be the deciding factor. I wish I had the money to buy this 70" monster. I watched this at Ovation Store and was amazed by...
What is the difference between this and the 7500? Looking at the specs, Probably, this one is 7500 + wireless keyboard?? or is this better in another way.
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