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Keep in mind that Red are in the business of selling 4K cameras.No-one would deny that native 4K content would be better than upscaled content. But it does not mean that upscaled content necessarily looks bad, and certainly not worse than on a 1080p display.The first image is a representation of how it will look on a 1080p display, if it's assumed that is taken from a 1080p source.Without the original source material, it's difficult to do a comparison - I had to take your...
What many people don't seem to realize is that each pixel in a 1080p video for example represents a sample - it is not a rectangle. A sample is a point which is (theoretically) infinitesimally small. Nearest neighbor interpolation will give you a perfect representation of the original 1080p video as shown on a 1080p display. Proper upscaling algorithms will give you an image which is far closer to the original source. Upscaling is not simply blurring the...
I suppose if you're watching broadcast, sports might be 60i rather than 30PsF, but most content today is progressive. The majority is 24 or 30fps.Even so, that would be unaffected by displays adding 120Hz support, and I don't know why anything HEVC encoded would be interlaced.
They should be able to display the content, but only at 60fps rather than 120. I don't know that I would call them "obsolete" - but then the people behind these standards seem to be phasing them out in such a way that encourages people to replace displays they own which are perfectly fine as they are.Does 4K video automatically make 1080p displays "obsolete" too?Or can you be happy with the improvements that a 4K native source brings, even on a 1080p display?Looking at...
LED Motion Plus seems to be a form of backlight scanning/strobing. Basically they strobe (or more likely scan) the backlight segments to reduce the amount of time that the image is held on-screen. The shorter the image is held on the screen, the sharper it appears to be. This is the same effect as a strobe light which appears to stop motion completely. With this, there is a delicate balance between strobing the image enough to improve sharpness, without introducing...
Do Panasonic's plasma screens not all use a "Tough Panel" ? Or is this something which was dropped in newer models?
Z97 is just for the Haswell refresh, not Broadwell CPUs.
Most likely around May 10th: http://www.techpowerup.com/199755/intel-core-haswell-refresh-cpus-launch-date-revealed.html Details: http://www.techpowerup.com/199331/intel-finalizes-feature-sets-of-the-first-wave-of-9-series-chipsets.html
I am not familiar with this model. However what you describe sounds like it would be solved by disabling auto motion plus (interpolation) and enabling LED motion plus (backlight scanning) - possibly a combination of the two with video/movies, but you do not want to use AMP with games. You should disable the noise filter too - there's a good chance that would add motion blur.
Content is shot on cameras with flat sensors.
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