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$997.00 at FRYS right now store pick up only...Remember if not in stock have Best Buy price match it
If you are planning to buy the VT30, it has to be for less than 2,299 (more in the 2.000 to 1,800 range just use the prices on 2012 line of plasmas as an argument point). I paid 2,699 for mine and that was a year ago and get Chad or D-Nice to calibrate the set and you will be very happy. Also very important to feed the highest possible definition to the set to get the best out if. I got me a Darbee darblet to complement my blu-ray player and also an Onkyo receiver (5009)...
Low ball it. Use the burn in as an excuse. Very worth plasma, I own a 65 and love it. Im planning to upgrade to Z60 next year when the prices go down
Here is mine
I just updated the software version via network and took less than 5 minutes...I don't see any visible improvements plus I still cannot control the player with my yamaha av controller app
What DAC is in the 1010? Is it better?
Thanks for the info Big C. I currently own a 1010 and I am planning on trying multi-channel connection with my Onkyo receiver
Unacceptable having to use electrical tape (thanks for the offer but I prefer duct tape, it kinda matches the bezel at least the sides). I own a VT30 by the way and love it. The reason I point this out is that I also own a Samsung PND8000 and you are able to turn off the power light indicator. I previously owned LG LCD & Plasma and was able to disable it on both...Just saying and being a bit sarcastic...Better blacks than Samsung that's for sure. Hopefully Panny keeps...
U forgot green/pink blobs and annoying red light power indicator (can't believe it cannot be turned off).
Yes you are right about not having multichannel output. I saw it the other day available for pre-order at Crutchfield. How much better does it sounds with multichannel instead of DSD? I have been wanting to try multichannel since my receiver has it too but on the fence as to whether there is an improvement in sound or not.
New Posts  All Forums: