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still upset about this.
Probably just a few and I'll be camping that SOB everytime. I wanna jump it into a chopper. NO. OVER A JET WHICH IS OVER A CHOPPER WHICH IS OVER A TANK. more like it
I want a little bird version. When dirt bikes come. Oh man. Evil Knievel all day long.
GG's yesterday, until we emptied the server hah. Had to bail. Got some good screen caps, i'll be putting up some more video soon. MPH was on fire with the TV.
I'll be picking it up.
Well planned to get back on but got sidetracked, uploaded a scout chopper run earlier. thnx to zath, mph and hapi. We were a multi-kill waiting to happen, but didn't! And sorry zath, I have the 2nd of you flying too but not really any good views to see whats going on.
Awesome, have fun neo! Might be on tonight. Dunno yet.
I'm in. And i kinda like the no HC thing more. Otherwise everyone will just be running balanced bolt. Its too bad you can't team stack like 7 on 1. Play stuff like an infected game type (One guy tries to knife the other team to get guys on his team), or beserker (the opposite of that).
not sure why they emphasize mobile aa unless they are giving flares back to gunner. I'm ready for dirt bike horses though.
Ahh gotcha, I didn't watch it all last night and didn't even notice that. I still thought it looked like the explosive bolt wasn't dropping as much as usual but that might just be not really knowing how much it's supposed to.
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