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As time goes on I am starting to learn more about audio and I am really starting to learn more about the difference between "hi-fi" and boutique products. Hi-fi is a product that truely is trying to push the boundaries of modern science when it comes to bringing audio performance into the home. The boutique products are those that have fancy words around them to sell their rediculously expensive enclosure carrying your maybe slightly better audio signal. Like a friend...
GAH! My apologies. Mod can close this.
Hello all, I didnt see this posted and wanted to share! Dirac and miniDSP have partnered up to bring us this amazing product! http://www.minidsp.com/products/dirac-series Now we just need a 7 channel version of it....
I think the all-in-one loops are fine for anyone. The custom loops I think should be reserved for enthusiasts though.
air coolers work well but from my experience the all-in-one liquid coolers do a better job and dont put as much stress on the motherboard from weight.
Your build looks good. The only thing that you can possibly change is the case fan at the bottom of the list. There is a case fan included with that case but they are usually of lower quality.Going with Windows 8 could be a benefit but I am still on Win 7 and have no issues with it so far.Also, judging by the game types you say you are into I think you will be much happier on PC.
Thanks for all the info about the SpeakerPower amps guys!
Hey guys, seen some talk about the SpeakerPower amp, I thought they only sold OEM/Wholesale.
I haven't gotten BF4 yet because of all the bugs. Have they been worked out yet?
100% agree with you. My current build is in a Caselabs M8 but I havent put it under water yet. I plan to do 2x360 rads on the PSU side of the case with the res. and pumps there as well to try and keep the majority of water away from the CPU, GPU and mobo incase of leaks. I almost always use Kingston HyperX ram as well. Only reason I didnt go with the HyperX SSD when I got one for my PC was because the OCZ Vertex4 was on sale for a great deal.
New Posts  All Forums: