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Halloween is coming soon so I watched again my favourite Tim Burton movie, Sleepy Hollow on HD-DVD. The PQ (1080p/VC-1 encode) is great and the DTS track sounds marvellous. Johnny Depp is a talented actor and I really loved Christopher Walken who played the Horseman. Burton created an excellent dark tale from the legend of the Headless Horseman. Sleepy Hollow is the best choice for a Halloween movie marathon. House Of Wax will be the next one.
Unfortunately this problem is global. A tried my rotted discs with different drives and players. Nothing helps. I didn't have problems with my copy of 300,Troy and Vendetta bot I bought these titles on BD... just in case. (I've checked a few Paramount & Universal HDDVDs a few days ago: no freezing or pixelating errors.All movies worked like a carm.)
Status report about my HD-DVDs: Swordfish: Died...I tried to play It on my HD-DVD/BD combo and an X360 HD-DVD addon. Nothing...It's not working anymore. The disc was in mint condition. Unfortunately I sold my DVD copy when I bought It on HD-DVD. Great! Alexander Revisited: Freezing and pixelating problems during playback. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (non-combo Australian edition): Freezing and pixelating just like Alexander. It's a funny (or sad?) thing...
If I remember correctly Warner used Seamless Branching on Blade Runner Disc 3 (us theatrical,international,directors cut).
It was a miracle.
My copy is working perfectly from The Reaping HD DVD.
I checked a few Warner titles so here You go: 300(non combo,Germany): perfect V For Vendetta(UK): perfect The Prestige(UK): perfect Terminator 3(US):It was a sealed copy but I've opened It for checking & It's working without probs so "no problemo". 16 Blocks (UK): perfect Alexander Revisited(US):I've checked 1st& 2nd Discs also.everythings fine Enter The Dragon(US): perfect House Of Wax(UK): perfect Troy:Extended Cut (US): perfect Harry Potter 1(UK):...
Mine is working without errors. I'll check my all HD discs in the next few days.
Not interesting.It's a really sad thing...
I have an HTPC with an LG GGCH20L HD/BD combo drive & I'm using a secondary drive (x360 HD) too(with the latest firmware).My software players:Totalmedia 3 & PowerDVD7.My Blood Diamond Disc was perfect when I've bought It,but I'm not able to watch It anymore.I've never was any trouble with my HD discs.This is the 1st case and I don't understand what caused this.Ok,here's my theory:Maybe It was a bad print and somehow It has been damaged (or rotted) under a few years.It...
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