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well he just bought the house and its being renovated, but i can pretty much for certain say that its an old fireplace. thanks for the help.
A buddy of mine and myself are setting up a den with a simple setup. The question I got is, is putting my flat panel tv over an active fire place not a good idea? Will the heat from the fire place screw the tv up, i wanna give my friend good advice. Any help would be awesome thanks in advance.
yea but i would have to use the audio input also to record the audio correct?
What do you mean by that? If theres a cable input on my video card?
I got the 8300 SD Dvr, I might be getting a HdTv so i gotta upgrade to the Hd Dvr. But I want all stuff I go on this dvr, is there any way without just opening up the box, to extract the files to my computer. Any ideas would be great, I got some movies that are rare. Thanks in advance.
Thanks a bunch, I think I will be going to look at this in person tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.
How do I tell wat protections. r on the dvd burner? Is there a way to search on the internet? My friend is getting told from fios that its just a matter of pressing play and record, but those ppl might not know wat they are talking about. Thanks for all the help
I've browsed some of the other posts on this topic. I'm researching this for a less than tech savy friend. He tried pressing play on the dvr and record on the dvd recorder and he claims it did not work. He has the fios dvr from motorola, and a cinevision rv 4000. I know on my scientific atlanta there is a option to copy to vcr and u can use the dvd recorder as the vcr. I'm not familiar with the fios hardware. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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