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Received my Energy take classics and 100ft of 14gauge cable yesterday ..guess what ill be doing
What size Tv is that ?
Earlier i was i the same boat after ordering my new energy take classics,,,i ended up going with a monoprice brand,ordered from amazon,,picked up 14 gauge, 100 ft for 30 dlvd,,and being delivered on monday ( only ordered today) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001UNLRGC/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
you guys reckon $32 dlvd for 14gauge 100 ft speaker wire a good price ...from monoprice.. I know the local walmart does sell the audiovox and RCA speaker wire ( saving on shipping) ,,or are there certain brands to stay clear of?
Not a bad idea,,the floor actually has no baseboards,,so that might be a good thing - time to put some down
Thanks,,, think the biggest headache was trying to choose between the take classics and the RC micro's Now to get to work on how im gonna hide the speaker wires ,,gonna run them on the bottom of the walls,Already had the on the top of the wall by the crown moulding, using them cord cover things.Did contemplate taking the moulding down,,but i was told its a right pain in the arse to put them things up The misses got tired of looking at them,,so to the floor they go.
50 ft, 14 gauge speaker wire $12.87,,im up for that price...always get my HDMI cables from mono,dunno why i didnt think of them before:)
Done,,the micro RC's been cancelled,and will be ordering the Take classics later today.Any recommendations on what wire to get? 12 AWG woud be suitable?
Thanks for the input everyone... i should just be able to cancel my micro RC order and go buy the take classic..
Would be using it mostly for HT,, the size of the room is 15" X 14" X 7"At the moment i have some crappy JVC surround speakers ,crappy KLM E10 subwoofer i bought for $10 all hooked up to a Denon AVR 1612.You reckon i may have made a wrong choice in choosing the micros?,it was either gonna be the micros or the take classics.
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